My name is Odane James, your best choice for a driver, transporter and tour guide in Jamaica. My Jamaica is your Jamaica! Yours to see its features, yours to appreciate its people, and yours to appreciate the services we offer such as yours truly.

The need for transportation is longstanding and I am here to make your experience worth it. I am here to ensure your time here is spent enjoying the excursions, tours, and highlights of this beautiful island (our flora, fauna and attractions).

Your enjoyment is my duty as I understand the intricacies of tourism, having been in the industry for many years and extending this by becoming team Jamaica certified. Let me help you soak in all the Jamaica you can while on your vacation/visit.

Travel with an interactive, jovial individual who is trained and certified as a customer service representative and as a private security specialist travel with Odane James. Travel with Catch A Cab & Tours!

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